University Employment Outcomes, Graduation and Student Loan Default Rates

University Employment Outcomes, Graduation and Student Loan Default Rates

Use Graduate Outcomes to Help Plan Your Future

How many students successfully graduate from university? Do university graduates find jobs? How many students pay back their student loans? Reports compiled from the annual Ontario University Graduate Survey can help you choose a school, a major or a future career.

Use the drop-down menu below to find out how students have done in programs and universities across Ontario. You can:

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  • learn how many students in each type of program found part-time or full-time work
  • see the types of jobs they found
  • see the average salaries they earned

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Ontario University Graduate Survey

Each year, graduates of university undergraduate programs are surveyed about their success in finding work through the Ontario University Graduate Survey. Survey results on employment are combined with information collected on graduation and Canada-Ontario Student Loan default rates. From this data, a set of values called “key performance indicators” are produced and published and they measure results for each Ontario university.

Recent Results

Information for Survey Respondents

For the 2015-16 survey, CCI Research Inc. and Forum Research Inc. surveyed 2013 graduates on behalf of the Government of Ontario. The government is currently administering the 2016-17 Ontario University Graduate Survey cycle. Information for survey respondents is provided below: