What is SOR-RL?

Serious Occurrence Reporting and Residential Licensing (SOR-RL) is a digital tool that automates business practices and enables secure and timely two-way communication between service providers and the ministry, replacing current paper processes for the submission of SORs and for Children’s Residential Licensing.

What is Residential Licensing?

See the link below for additional information regarding Residential Licensing:

Residential Licensing Homepage

SOR Training Page

Welcome! This training page is for service providers that are funded, licensed or directly-operated by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and are required to report Serious Occurrence Reports (SORs) to the ministry.

Various training materials, tips and tools have been provided here to support a successful learning journey with SOR-RL’s SOR module. It is recommended to review the training materials in the listed order and to refer to these materials often. Alternative learning and supplementary training options have been provided to support a good understanding of the content in each section.

What is Serious Occurrence Reporting?

MCCSS Serious Occurrence Reporting Guidelines, 2019: The Guidelines describe who is required to report serious occurrences (SOs) to MCCSS, what a SO is, when to report a SO, what details to include in a SOR, who to notify, and how the ministry will make use of and follow up on the information provided in an SOR.

Supplementary Resources:

The supplementary training resources are recommended for all SOR Initiators and any staff who review or oversee SO reporting to support learning.

How do I access SOR-RL?

Accessing SOR-RL is a two-step process.

Step 1: There must be at least one approved Local Registration Authority (LRA) at each organization.

Step 2: There must be at least one approved SOR Initiator at each organization.

How do I submit an SOR?

How to use SOR-RL as an SOR Initiator:

How to use SOR-RL as a CAS Case Manager:

Supplementary Learning Resources:

What if SOR-RL is not working?

Manual SO Reporting:

Supplementary Learning Resources:

How do I protect privacy?

Privacy Considerations:

Supplementary Learning Resources:

Youth Justice Service Providers - How do I protect privacy?

YCJA Privacy Considerations:

    Download here > YCJA Periods of Access outlines considerations for YCJA service providers to better understand their roles and responsibilities, and the ways that SOR-RL can assist with protecting privacy.

Supplementary Learning Resources: